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Cloud and DevOps Program prepares you to get job-ready and enhance your skills to match the industry standards. This program will enable you to build CI-CD pipelines using AWS services and DevOps tools. This program starts with the basics of Linux, makes you proficient in developing and maintaining cloud solutions using AWS, helps you implement DevOps principles of version control, continuous integration, continuous development and deployment, configuration management using tools such as Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, and Kubernetes. It also covers DevOps on cloud using AWS services such as Code Commit, CodeBuild, CloudFormation, Beanstalk, and many more while increasing your employability multifold.

About the Module

This module is designed to build the foundation of Cloud and DevOps with the help of Linux. You will learn the basics of Linux OS, Linux Commands, User and group management, and various other Linux concepts.

Learning Units:
• Day 1
o LU1 - Introduction to Linux
o LU2 - Linux Distribution and Shell
• Day 2
o LU1 - Miscellaneous Linux Concepts
o LU2 - Basic Linux Commands
• Day 3
o LU1 - Advanced Linux Commands
o LU2 - File System in Linux
• Day 4
o LU1 - Package Management in Linux
o LU2 - User Administration
• Day 5
o LU1 - Group Management
o LU2 - Permissions

Education Programs

In this module, you will learn about the fundamentals of cloud computing and various core AWS services and their usage.

In this module, you will learn how to perform and implement DevOps methodologies on Cloud platform.

Cloud Computing in CHENNAI

Cloud computing course in Chennai itprofessionals providing an in-depth skilled course on distributed computing at creativity level. Students also learn about several types of cloud and services to offer the right solution for customer needs.

Masters in Cloud computing highlights the systems administration. Cloud Computing also covers the plan, implementation of software systems used in enterprises. Courses covers the distributed systems from databases, web services, mobile. Students will learn the applications of cloud using Android and ASP.NET, Jakarta EE all latest frameworks. Experiencing the cloud computing in Amazon web services, Azure, learners will be at an benefit for taking up in Cloud Computing.

itprofessioals offers Cloud Computing course in Chennai, we delivers knowledge on computing services used in the industry including that of analytics, servers, databases, storage, networking, software and intelligence. Cloud computing enables faster innovation and it provides flexible resources to the user and facilitates. Cloud Computing in Chennai with itprofessionals students can exposes various benefits of using cloud. Here students will learn the methods of delivering services by the proper IT resources through Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing is the skill that outpace statistical analysis and data mining. Cloud computing in Chennai has now become such a demanding career, that most of the top academes have started including it in their course. The main reason of Cloud computing is to make IT services to users and most importantly saving money. So what is the need for Cloud computing in Chennai? The procedure of cloud computing is where computers get shared with other devices and the data gets stored on various other servers for future access through the internet. Cloud computing in Chennai is acquisition popularity and is already in use for many businesses.

Activities Involved

  • Linux for Cloud and DevOps
  • Developing Cloud Solutions using AWS
  • DevOps Overview and Version Control using Git
  • Continuous Integration using Jerkins
  • Configuration Management using Ansible
  • Containerization using Docker
  • Orchestration using Kubernetes
  • DevOps on Cloud